Happy New Year – again!

Today is New Year’s Day in several lunar calendars. And in the Chinese tradition, it’s one of the most magnificent years: the Year of the Dragon.

Dragons are bold, brash, powerful, and attention-grabbing. If you’re in China, you might be spending the day with family, looking forward to an auspicious year and perhaps stocking up on gold to give to relatives and friends. (Cash and presents are for other years: everyone knows that dragons demand the shiny stuff.)

Can’t afford your own hoard? No problem. Here are three wonderful holiday spots to get you in a Draco-nian frame of mind.

1. Dragon Point, Jamaica


A “Hollywood-style” pool that overlooks the crashing surf? Watching the sun sink from your bed? And PROFESSIONAL STAFF to look after you? We had no idea Jamaica could look this amazing. We’re checking our stock of vacation days right now…

2. Lands of the Dragon, Italy


If the price tag in Jamaica is a bit high, you might consider this eminently affordable alternative in Liguria. That is, unless you hate gorgeous Italian native forests, historic villages, cool Mediterranean bay breezes, and – of course – breakfast in bed. It’s really up to you.

3. The Welcoming Dragon, France


We couldn’t leave this little Parisian beauty off the list. It may not be on the beach, but we couldn’t imagine a much better deal in the City of Light. And you can live it up with fellow Dragons in nearby Chinatown!

Wherever your inner Dragon takes you this year, we hope you have a prosperous, fulfilling adventure.

(And if you don’t get the Enter the Dragon reference, you have some SERIOUS cultural catching up to do. This will get you started.)