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New year, new updates! Here’s a rundown of recent features and resources that you can try, inspired by your feedback and designed to help your business grow. This includes changes to reviews, a new way to cancel an experience, and the launch of private groups.

Respond to reviews

The new Reviews tab in your dashboard allows you to see all of your reviews at once, and you’ll have the ability to publicly respond to reviews from there.

As important as reviews are for guests considering booking, they’re also resources for hosts. We’re currently running an experiment on the review questions asked to guests and will spend the next few months designing the ideal system. Our goal is to give you a more detailed picture of what’s going great as well as opportunities for improvement. Look for more updates coming soon, and tune into Let’s Talk Experiences on Feb. 20 for more ideas and information.

Host private groups

You’re now able to turn on private availability for groups, teams and families in your dashboard. After turning on the feature, set your minimum price—a flat rate that determines the minimum amount you’ll earn for hosting a booking of this kind. If a group makes a reservation and the total amount you’d receive if they each booked individually exceeds your minimum price, then guests will pay the higher amount. We know many of you have received this kind of request before, so this new feature should make group bookings easier and more official. Bring on the team outings, family vacations, parties, and more!

Send an automated welcome message

If you have at least 10 reviews, you can create a welcome message that gets sent to guests as soon as they book. This can help your guests feel confident in their decision, building connection even before you meet. Create your customized message from the “Edit experience” menu.

Cancel a scheduled experience

You can now cancel experiences in case of an emergency or other unavoidable circumstances, and you don’t have to contact Airbnb to do it. Simple go to your calendar, find the instance you need to cancel, and select “Cancel experience.” In some cases, you may be asked to give a bit more information. Your guests will be notified and fully refunded. You can read more about updated host cancellation policies and best practices for avoiding cancellations in this resource center article.

Tune in to our live event series: Let’s Talk Experiences

Last year we launched a new way to bring you the latest insights from the experiences team—a webinar with Airbnb insiders and hosts like you to offer fresh perspectives on topics relevant to your business. Mark your calendars for the next one on Feb. 20 where we’ll discuss reviews and experience quality. You’ll have an opportunity to ask our panelists your burning questions. Register now, and take a look at past episodes.

Hope your year is off to a strong start, and look for more updates and enhancements soon!