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We’re always adding new features for experiences.  Following are five that you can use to make hosting easier and attract additional bookings.

Multi-instances. This feature allows you to offer your experience more than once per day. It will increase your availability and your chances of getting booked. This could be a good feature to enable if your experiences can only occur on certain days of the week. Add more instances on those days to maximize your availability, and experiment to see which times are more popular than others. It’s also a useful feature to use if someone helps you host your experiences. 

Calendar views and filters. When adding more instances and availability, try using the calendar views feature. This feature gives you the opportunity to better visualize how your scheduled experiences relate to one another. The calendar filter panel also allows hosts with multiple experiences to filter in a way that only shows a subset of scheduled instances. 

Multi-language. Did you know you can translate your PDP into other languages? It’s is a good option if you offer an experience that doesn’t depend on language, such as a concert or performance. It’s also useful if you speak multiple languages and can offer your experience in those languages. Having a PDP in more than one language can expand your market and give you more booking opportunities.

Guest language requirements. If your PDP is in more than one language, but your experience is only offered in one, consider also enabling this feature. It will let guests know what language the experience is conducted in. Establishing this up front sets guest expectations and can help you mitigate negative reviews.

Overlapping instances. With this feature, you can offer the same or different experiences at overlapping times. It’s a useful option if you have a co-host for your experience and want to increase availability by offering different instances during the same time of day. You can open more bookings during peak times. This feature can only be enabled by an account manager (if you have one) so let them know if you think it could help your experience. 

Try using one or more of these features for your experience. You can always experiment to see if they make hosting easier or attract more bookings.