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In order to attract more guests to your experience, consider using features that allow you to adjust your pricing or offer group options. Here are five:

Multi-pricing: With this feature, you can offer the same experience at different price points for each instance. It’s a good way to experiment with pricing at low risk, and encourage more bookings. There might be higher demand for your experience on weekends, for example, so you could offer those spots at higher prices. Likewise, you can reduce prices on days or times that have lower demand. Select a few instances to start with and keep track of how guests respond. 

Early bird pricing promotion: This feature can create urgency by offering a discount if a guest books more than two weeks in advance. You could schedule instances of your experience months in advance and if someone books early enough, they will get a lower price.

New host promotion: This is similar to early bird pricing, but for new experiences. When you create one, you can offer it at a lower price for a limited time while the experience gets going. This encourages more people to book with you before you have a lot of reviews. You can then encourage early guests to write reviews, which can contribute to  more bookings.

Family-friendly experience: This feature allows hosts to offer their experiences to guests under age 18 with an accompanied adult. It gives you the opportunity to capture bookings of larger groups or families. It’s useful if your experience is an activity that families can do together, like a walking tour or painting class. You can choose a minimum guest age too, in case your experience is good for teenagers or kids but not toddlers or babies.

Private instances: By enabling this feature you can offer your experience to private parties and groups. Someone looking to book for a group gets the chance to reserve all spots at once.

Think about your own experience—which features could you add to it that could attract more guests? You could always experiment by enabling some features or disabling others.