We were thrilled to get this note from Sandra B. We can only hope everyone has such a great experience.


I honestly love working with Airbnb. Whenever I have a problem or a question, your team always answers quickly – and most importantly, I feel like we are on the same team.

You guys have opened new doors for us. Financially it has been amazing. We could not be any happier. But having people from all over the world has been fun, fun, and fun!

Not to mention that we have a daughter, whom we are obviously very protective of – but we think she is the one who likes our guests the best. Before they arrive, she always makes me show her on the map where the guest is coming from and practices saying “hello” in whatever language it might be. She loves her guests, and we haven’t had a guest that we didn’t like. They are all different, but they are all just really nice people.

Our guest from Paris, who is visiting us now, brought us a very nice bottle of wine. The German guest left us flowers on their last day. The guests before them, from Miami, bought us cupcakes.

Come on. Isn’t it amazing?

To boot, we are saving our new money to help pay for our travels.

So, what can I say? THANK YOU!

You too can stay at Sandra’s place. Be sure to memorize “hello” in a few languages!