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In the last few months you may have been asked to participate in a survey asking for your feedback. Wondering where your responses go? The feedback you give through surveys, our feedback form, and even in-person, is gathered and distributed to teams working on ways to make hosting easier and more rewarding.

Your thoughtful feedback has led to some big changes for Experience Hosts and guests. Today, all hosts can now:

1. Cancel a scheduled experience

Did you know you’re now able to cancel and refund your guests without contacting Airbnb directly? And if your experience takes place outdoors, you’ll be happy to hear that if weather conditions create an unsafe environment for your guests or if the conditions would make it impossible to carry out your experience, you may now cancel without penalty.

Check out this update to hear more about the new host cancellation policy we’ve just released to make sure hosts have the support they need to run their experiences.

2. Change group sizes

In addition to surveys, our research, product, engineering, and community teams travel the world to meet with hosts to better understand your needs. One thing we heard loud and clear was that you wanted more calendar features like the ability to adjust an individual experience’s group size. Our new update to your calendar allows you to host larger or smaller groups for different instances of your experience.

3. Create a custom welcome message for your guests

Once your experience has 10 reviews, you’ll be able to set your own custom welcome message. This note will be sent to all new guests right after they book. Use this welcome message to set expectations and learn more about your guests. You can find this setting when you edit your experience.

4. Get help when you need it

Our research team dug through thousands of responses to our Host Satisfaction Survey. Hosts like you requested more help from our team, so we’ve rolled out updates to improve the support we provide hosts and their guests:

  • The size of our customer experience team has recently doubled, allowing us to increase availability by 50%.
  • You can chat with our Customer Experience team from your Airbnb app.
  • Our Customer Experience team is also getting to your issues faster, thanks to new self-service updates—keep reading to hear about these!

5. Upload your own photos

Another request we heard from hosts was the ability to upload photos for review directly to an experience page. This is now available! We know hosts also want to upload their own video—stay tuned for an update on this soon!

Photos taken by guests can now be seen on your experience pages, too. This update highlights your guests’ special moments and can help potential guests decide to take the leap and book.

6. Join new community meetups and groups

Community leaders are setting up Facebook groups and meetups around the world. Connect with local hosts to share tips and tricks, promote one another, and build a network to lean on. If you don’t see a group or event in your city, check again in a few weeks. The Community Leaders program will expand to nearly 60 cities by the end of the year. Find a group or meetup near you.

7. Growing stronger together

When meeting with Experience Hosts, we often heard how seriously you take quality, and we do, too. We’ve rolled out a new program to help all hosts understand expectations and keep the quality of the platform high. Read more about quality standards and an update to eligibility criteria.

8. Get noticed on a redesigned experience page

Our research team recently traveled around the world and interviewed potential guests. The team gained valuable insights that informed a new look and feel to your experience page. We’re excited to share that experience pages are performing better and more visitors are deciding to book. Read on to learn more about this update.

9. Attract new bookings with improved search

We’re also continuing to personalize the guest search experience, making guests more likely to book. Our goal is to help guests find more things to do, right when they’re ready to book. Recent updates to the search algorithm have increased global bookings by up to 5% compared to the previous version! And we continue to iterate. Once the latest updates are ready, we’ll update this search ranking article so you’ll have the information you need to optimize your experience.

Wondering what’s next? Make sure you’re signed up to receive the Experience Host Newsletter, and check back in the Updates section of our Experience Resource Center often. We’ll soon share host feedback collected through our latest Host Satisfaction Survey, which will help inform the next updates we’ll work on to make experience hosting easier!