We at Airbnb have been delighted and humbled by the overwhelming global response to our service. All over the world, people have embraced a new way of traveling and using the spaces they own. 

You’ve come to us by the millions. Now it’s time for us to come to you. 

Airbnb started in Brian and Joe’s San Francisco apartment. Today, more than five million nights have been booked on Airbnb. And although Airbnb’s roots are in the USA, more than 75% of all reservations last year were international – where either the traveler or host (or both!) was outside the United States. Check out our infographic celebrating the international growth that you’ve powered. 

We’re proud to be pioneering a global movement. As Brian says, “Our community [that’s you!] is demonstrating the inherent social, economic, and cultural value in the sharing economy.” 

You have taken Airbnb around the world. We realize that we need to be there with you: to support you, to share in your celebrations, to speak your language, to understand your needs. 

That’s why we’re announcing plans to open six offices around the world – in Barcelona, Copenhagen, Milan, Moscow, Paris, and São Paulo – in addition to our existing Berlin, Hamburg, London, and San Francisco offices.



These offices represent our commitment to our international community. We resolve to exceed your expectations, no matter where you are. To do that, we need to be near you. We need to speak your language and communicate openly with you. 

Joe explains it: “Being closer to our hosts and guests is a natural response. The next chapter will be about spreading the culture and values of Airbnb to our widest international communities.” 

Five million nights. More than 100,000 properties in 192 countries. And we’ve only just started. 

Let’s see what we can really do together.