What does a night on Airbnb look like – when viewed from a great distance?


Not long ago, we told you about the 10 million guest nights booked on our site. Little did we know that our community was just getting warmed up.

After a few massive weeks of travel, plus a bit of excitement in London, we saw our biggest night in history take place last Saturday, August 4.

How big? Well, 60,000 people were staying on Airbnb that night. That’s five times the number of guests from August 4, 2011. It’s enough people to fill the entire Roman Colosseum (which, as it turns out, you can view from an Airbnb listing).


But these 60,000 folks aren’t just “users” – they are members of our tightly knit community. Who are they? Where were they coming from? Where were they going?

Let’s take a closer look.

Where did all these good people come from?

Well, they were from 174 countries, and two-thirds of them were from outside the USA. For example:

  • 6800 were from France
  • 800 were from Brazil
  • 120 were from India
  • 2 were from Zimbabwe
  • and 1 was from Nepal (he went from Kathmandu to Budapest)

So now that we know where they were from, do we know why they were traveling?

We sure do. Here are some examples:


OK, how about where they were staying?

They were staying in more than 500 cities worldwide, on every continent not named “Antarctica.” Places like these:


Wow. What kind of places were they staying in?

Everywhere from caves to private islands. Take a look:


Finally, what languages were these guest speaking with their hosts?

More than 30 different languages, including Japanese, Arabic, Bengali, Punjabi, Tagalog, Finnish, and Sign Language. Mahtava!

We love the picture of the worldwide Airbnb community this one summer night paints. To be connected so profoundly with so many hosts and guests from so many places is humbling and exhilarating. We can’t wait for the next chapter.