For many us, there’s nothing better than kicking back with our favorite travel magazine, flipping through the pages, and dog-earing all the far-off places we’d like to go. Except, of course, for actually going to those far-off places.

Launching today, our new apps for Android and iOS tablets will be another, even better way to turn that wanderlust into real life travel instantaneously on Airbnb. Designed from the ground up for the larger tablet screen, the new cinematic feel makes the experience of researching your next adventure as beautiful as reading that glossy magazine. The only difference? Once you’ve “dog-eared” the places you want to go, you can just, well, go.

“Whether you’re on your couch at home, at a coffee-shop, or on the bus, we wanted to ensure that Airbnb can always be with you,” says Alex Schleifer, Airbnb’s head of design. “Our tablet apps were inspired by the elegance of magazines and coffee table books and we tried to instill some of that lean-back feeling as we thought about how to make the experience unique. Designing for a new platform allowed us to think much more broadly than simply scaling a mobile phone app to a larger screen. And, as a result, you can now efficiently explore listings around the world while enjoying a rich, inspiring experience.”

Airbnb tablet app launch


In short, the new app works sort of like a picture book, where a trip can start the moment you flip it open. That’s our kind of book. We hope you enjoy it too.

Airbnb tablet app launch