Many of you never thought you’d become hospitality entrepreneurs. But with some imagination, inspiration, and a spirit of adventure, you set out to see what it would be like to offer a unique experience.

The founders of Michel et Augustin, supporters of Airbnb Open 2015, stumbled onto their passion this way too—these childhood friends reinvented themselves as pastry chefs, leaving their corporate careers. Michel et Augustin became a successful French brand through simple ingredients, authentic interactions with their fans, and a focus on creating a delightful experience.

The same values abound among Airbnb hosts. The love of things local, attention to detail and the ability to provide one of a kind experiences set the Airbnb host community apart. Your hospitality challenges the status quo, and it transforms your guests’ experiences one trip at a time. In short, yours is a recipe for success because it’s your recipe.

Michel et Augustin delighted the hosts who attended Airbnb Open in Paris with their cookies and chocolate mousse, but they also want to delight those who couldn’t join us. We hope you (and your guests) love this recipe from the “two kookie cookies,” Michel et Augustin.

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