Today’s post comes from Boris and Anna, two Airbnb-ers who are crossing the USA on electric bicycles and staying with Airbnb hosts to promote conscientious travel. They’ll be providing weekly updates on their journey.

Amelia Earhart once said, “When a great adventure is offered, you don’t refuse it.” So when we got the opportunity to cycle across America on two electric bikes – and stay with dozens of Airbnb hosts along the way – there’s no we we could turn it down.

We’re Boris Mordkovich and Anna Mostovetsky. We are serial entrepreneurs, former Kiva fellows, avid bicycle enthusiasts…and huge fans of Airbnb!


As veteran travelers, we’ve experienced firsthand how transportation alternatives are revolutionizing the industry. We wanted to take what we loved about Airbnb – the opportunity to have an amazing, authentic experience coupled with a smarter use of existing resources – and apply that to the transportation industry.

That’s what led to our idea for the Trans-American Electric Bike Tour – a self- supported, 2.5-month, 4,000-mile-long journey. Our primary aim is to generate awareness about electric bicycles and get more people cycling.

Our efforts are inspired and supported by the communities we pass through. We’re riding the streets of metropolises, trails passing the chimneys of Appalachia, the bike lanes of Midwestern gems, and long stretches of mountain road. No matter where we end up, we want to learn from all the places we see.

To truly embrace these communities, we are using Airbnb as our primary source of accommodations. Throughout our trip, we’ll be looking to hosts on either ends of the country and everywhere in between. We are meeting people from all walks of life and delving into the local culture. The social immersion enabled by Airbnb helps us recharge for the many long days of riding.

We’ll be covering our Airbnb experiences across America on this blog each week, so if you live anywhere on or near our route, you’re always invited to join us for a cup of coffee on the way.

See you on the road!

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