If your listing is only in English, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to welcome Japanese travelers. There might have been someone out there who viewed your listing, loved it, but didn’t book it because they weren’t quite sure how to connect with you in English. You can follow these steps to easily update your listing title and description to include Japanese:

1) Go to Your Listings on airbnb.com

2) Choose the listing you want to edit, and click Description on the left

3) Click Add Language at the top of the page

4) Choose a language from the dropdown

5) Click Add on the right

6) Make sure the Japanese tab shows up on top. Follow the steps to add a Japanese description, and you’re done!

More reasons to update your listing

Japan has recorded incremental growth in tourism in recent years. According to some estimates, it’s on track to reach nearly 300 million travelers in the year 2017. Airbnb has seen healthy growth in Japan as well.

When Japanese-speaking guests search on Airbnb, we serve up local content first. We’re still building our Japanese content, so there’s never been a better time to get attention on your listing!

Airbnb has partnered with Travel.jp, Japan’s leading travel website, to launch a new feature that enables anyone to search Airbnb domestic listings from the Travel.jp website or mobile app. This should bolster domestic demand even more.

See the example below to understand how it works. This is what you see when you search the best Tokyo accommodations. Notice the Airbnb tab right next to hotel tab?

You’ll expand your customer base by going bilingual, so go for it! And if you’re multilingual, you can add as many languages as you want. Happy hosting!

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