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As an Airbnb Experience host, you open your community, culture, and craft to guests from around the world. So it makes sense that you might want to connect with other nearby hosts, online and in person, to share strategies for long-term success. Together we’re building local experience host communities and events, where hosts can go to inspire, support, and empower each other.

Community meetups

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On any given week, Airbnb Experience host meetups take place around the world from Amsterdam and Mexico City, to Tokyo, Dublin, and beyond. These meetups can take many forms; whether an educational workshop or a social meetup making s’mores around a bonfire, the one thing all our meetups share is a supportive connection between hosts.

Experience Community Groups

Our Experience Community Leaders have started setting up Facebook groups around the world. Here’s how you can connect with your local group online, and find ways to share tips and tricks, promote one another,  work together to overcome obstacles, and build a network to lean on.

Asia Bali, Indonesia Latin America Bogotá, Colombia
Bangkok, Thailand Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fukuoka, Japan Jamaica
Hong Kong Mexico City, Mexico
New Delhi, India Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Singapore Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tokyo, Japan Havana, Cuba
Europe Athens, Greece North America Asheville, North Carolina
Amsterdam, Netherlands Chicago, Illinios
Barcelona, Spain Colorado Springs, Colorado
Berlin, Germany Denver, Colorado
Bordeaux, France Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Brussels, Germany Los Angeles, California
Dublin, Ireland Miami, Florida
Edinburgh, Scotland Montreal, Quebec
Florence, Italy Nashville, Tennessee
Lisbon, Portugal New Orleans, Louisiana
London, England New York, New York
Madrid, Spain Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Milan, Italy Portland, Oregon
Norway San Diego, California
Paris, France San Francisco, California
Rome, Italy Seattle, Washington
Seville, Spain Toronto, Ontario
Vancouver, British Columbia
Africa Cape Town, South Africa Washington, DC
Australia Melbourne, Victoria
Sydney, New South Wales

Right now, there are groups in 33 cities, but every month that number is growing, so keep an eye out if you don’t see a group for your city yet.

Our team is looking for volunteer Community Leaders like you to help us inspire, support, and empower hosts around the world. Here’s what these leaders do:

  • Manage a growing local social media group.
  • Bring our community together with local meetups.
  • Represent the voices of our community by sharing stories, tips, ideas, and feedback to the Airbnb team.
  • …and most importantly, help Airbnb create a world in which anyone can belong anywhere!

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Hope to see you in an online discussion or local meetup, soon!