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Last November, Brian Chesky announced our vision for experiences at Airbnb Open in LA—where you go, what you do, and who you meet in one community-powered platform. The launch of experiences was a significant moment in Airbnb’s 10 year history. Joe “Joebot” Zadeh, the VP of Trips and head of Experiences at Airbnb, shares his reflections below on experiences’ first anniversary:

It’s been quite the year for Airbnb experiences. I’m so grateful for each of you as we celebrate this month’s milestone. I sincerely want to thank you for sharing your passions and pastimes with guestsyou’re making magical travel experiences. Let’s highlight some of that magic from this past year:

1. Incredible growth together. You’re collectively hosting more than 3100+ experiences in 40 cities across 26 countries (we’re on every continent except for Antarctica, and we’re just getting started). As of today, there are more than 20 times more guests on experiences per week than there were in January. We’re not quite done yet for the year, so stay tuned for additional city launches.

2. Building the most requested features. Some of our latest product improvements have made things more flexible for you as hosts. Now, you can offer multiple instances of an experience in a day, select minimum ages for guests to accommodate families, and change the price on different instances of your experience. We have a lot more planned for 2018!

3. Learning from guests. Just like you, we’re listening to guests and figuring out what people love to do while they travel. For example, millennials and foodies book the most experiences. We’re also excited to see that local guests are choosing experiences in their own cities. The most booked experiences this summer in the Northern Hemisphere were almost all health and fitness related—kayaking through central Prague, exploring Amsterdam by bike, and hiking near Toronto. We’re looking forward to what summer in the Southern Hemisphere will tell us and will share those learnings with you soon.

4. Empowering entrepreneurs. As experience hosts, you are tapping into the tremendous economic opportunity of tourism. It’s very exciting to celebrate with you. Some hosts are on track to earn more than $100,000 from experiences this year alone.

5. Focusing on social good. We have more than 100 social impact experiences on Airbnb. Hosts who lead these experiences are raising awareness for inspiring causes and nonprofits across the globe. One of the most inspiring examples is Wolf Encounter. Dave takes guests to meet one of the largest wolf packs in the Pacific Northwest. He’s also one of the top-earning hosts on the platform, making over $300k a year with 100% of the proceeds going to the nonprofit Predators of the Heart.

Thanks to your unwavering focus on quality and dedication to your guests, nearly 90% of experiences receive ratings of five stars. I’m so proud of the community’s efforts which have made this year possible. It’s been a year of marked positive impact and progress towards achieving our mission of creating a world where anyone can Belong Anywhere. Thank you for all that you’ve done—we wouldn’t be here without you.

Happy first birthday to Airbnb experiences, and cheers to the year ahead!