In recent weeks we passed a significant milestone with Europe now representing over half of our business. This is an impressive achievement for a company which started in an apartment in San Francisco just six years ago. It’s also a testament to the extent to which Europeans have embraced the sharing economy, opening their homes to visitors across the region.

To give you an idea of just how important Europe is within the Airbnb business here are some interesting numbers:

  • In 2014 so far, over 50% of all Airbnb guests have been staying in Europe

  • 58% of Airbnb listings are located in Europe

  • Paris is Airbnb’s largest city by listings. Europe cities represent seven out of the top 10 cities for Airbnb worldwide.

  • All European countries are currently experiencing a triple digit growth rate

  • Airbnb has eight offices in Europe

Our community in Europe has grown incredibly quickly. In March we announced a number of milestones including the fact that 1m guests from both the UK and France had traveled using Airbnb. This week we can reveal that we have also now reached this milestone in Germany.

In Spain and Italy, the popularity of Airbnb as an accommodation choice for visitors is shown by the fact that over 1m guests have stayed in an Airbnb listing in each of these countries.

We’ve also seen many European city authorities set a global example for how to successfully regulate home sharing with Paris, Amsterdam, and Hamburg all protecting the rights of people to share the homes in which they live.

This is in part due to the increasing recognition of the many benefits that home sharing brings a city from helping people make ends meet through to introducing visitors to new neighbourhoods. Several studies conducted in London, Paris, Berlin, and Barcelona have demonstrated the tangible economic benefits that Airbnb brings.

Europe is a crucial part of our business and we look forward to continuing to change the way in which people travel and encouraging more and more Europeans to share their homes.