Psyched for Sundance? So are we, which is why we’re headed to Park City equipped to provide the creative community with all the comforts of home.

As sponsors of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, we’re throwing open the doors of Airbnb Haus, a modern communal lodge designed to support and foster creativity, collaboration, and connection.

Open January 17th through 25th, we invite those in attendance to come by Airbnb Haus at 628 Park Ave to interact with inspiring people and unique events, including post-screening chats, coffee talks with influencers, special musical performances, and an open-mic StorySLAM. Check out the full schedule—you won’t want to miss what we have lined up.

Follow @AirbnbHaus on Twitter for real-time updates, daily schedules, and public event access, including RSVP information. You can also join the conversation and share your Sundance updates and photos with the hashtag #AirbnbHaus across your favorite social networks.

Airbnb Haus will be fully equipped with a complimentary craft coffee bar, free Wi-Fi, vintage board games, snacks, and more to make you feel right at home. No matter how cold it gets outside, we promise to keep you warm, connected, caffeinated, and never bored at the Airbnb Haus. Get cozy, grab a cuppa, and get working on your next screenplay.

For those of you unable to attend this year, we haven’t forgotten you! Stay tuned via @Airbnb for an exciting announcement next week you won’t want to miss—we’ll have a contest that’s sure to ignite your creative flames.