Since 2008, more than 25 million guests have had a safe, memorable and positive experience traveling on Airbnb. We know that accidents are rare, but they can happen and we want our hosts to have protection if they do. We already provide hosts and guests with substantial information and advice about how they can make their listing safer and more secure. And the $1 million Host Guarantee provides reimbursement in cases of property damage.

Now we’re taking another step to give hosts more peace of mind.

Today we’re announcing Airbnb Host Protection Insurance, a liability insurance program that will provide up to $1 million worth of protection to Airbnb hosts for their listings in the U.S. If a guest is accidentally injured anywhere in a host’s building or property during a stay, the Host Protection Insurance program provides coverage for Airbnb hosts and, where applicable, their landlords. This program is a groundbreaking collaboration between the insurance and home-sharing industries, and the latest example of Airbnb’s innovation in creating peace of mind for hosts and their guests.

If you’re a host, you won’t need to take any action to be covered under this policy — it’s automatic for every stay at a listing in the United States. Host Protection Insurance is currently targeted to go into effect starting January 15, 2015. And hosts are still protected by the $1 million Host Guarantee.

Currently, the Host Protection Insurance program is only available for our hosts at their listings in the U.S., but we’re actively working on ways to expand it internationally. Visit to learn more.

Host Protection Insurance is just one of the many ways Airbnb is working to protect our hosts and their surrounding communities. We’ve established guidelines for our hosts on how to be good neighbors and host responsibly. And if you ever have questions about trust or safety on Airbnb, we encourage you to visit or just contact us with any questions.