This is a guest post from Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love.

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Today I met up with Airbnb host Marcus – who has a HOUSEBOAT on the Thames!


He made us some delicious coffee and the best croissants I have EVER had (no BS).


Marcus is an amazing soul. Very loving, very caring, and also VERY in the know. If you want to get the skinny on what’s ab fab in London, Marcus is the guy to ask. As he showed us around the posh Chelsea area, he seemed to be well known by all the right people in all the right places.

Marcus is also living a life off the grid and in a way that he hopes will inspire others – contributing to society while NOT keeping up with anyone but himself. He seemed to have a charm around him, perhaps because he grew up in nature and had plenty of years to appreciate its value. Now, he actively seeks this peace and reverence in London, living without a car – only a motorbike. Not to mention, he sleeps below sea level, so he lives a MORE than grounded life.

We went to the church where Charles Dickens was married (St Lukes) where I found some holy water and gave myself over to a spiritual experience that just busted open my heart. I cannot describe the peace that came over me in this sacred space.


Marcus showed us one of the last stretch of wooden bricks in all of London streets. (He claims the wood muffled the sounds of gentlemen returning home from late-night indiscretions.) He walked us down to the original Michelin Tyre Building, followed by a secret club that wasn’t open (but we’re told that past the Mickey Mouse wallpaper lies an amazing club complete with dress-up treasure chests), and then we capped off the evening with the best desserts I’ve ever had at the King’s Road Cafe.


It was a day of firsts, for sure – and the food that Marcus showed us alone is worth the trip to London and to his houseboat.

It was a fun way to cap off an amazing week with Airbnb – you will SEE IT ALL when we launch the series in a couple weeks.

Love from London,

Mastin & Jenna