This is a guest post from Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love.

Check out all Mastin’s updates as he gets to know the real London via our most amazing Airbnb hosts.

Wow. What an AMAZING first day with Airbnb!

We went to the south of London to hang out with Andrew, check out his flat, and go to some incredible local spaces in London that we would NEVER have known about without him.

The first thing I noticed about Andrew is that this man is an artist. He shared with me that he was forced to give up his job in advertising to spend time with his father, who was passing soon. After his father’s death, he had a choice – go back into the workforce or start his own business.

Andrew experienced an enormous choice that drove him to change. At TDL we call this uncertainty – and it is WITHIN that uncertainty that our dreams lie. It took Andrew several years to overcome his fear, but now he wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. He has found freedom and purpose.

Andrew heard from his friend Lisa that she was making more money with Airbnb than she was in her normal job. This sparked his entrepreneurial spirit and gave him the idea to rent out his place with the help of his wife Helen. With the help of Airbnb he’s been able to paint more, make music, spend QUALITY time with his wife – and his mother has even moved in!


One of my favorite things Andrew said was, “If you do things only for money, it becomes work.” I was so inspired by how Andrew was using Airbnb, not as a tool to make money, but as a tool to bring ultimate freedom into his life.

As fate would have it, in the middle of our interview, the Olympic torch came RIGHT by Andrew’s house.


We ran outside to see a local woman carrying the torch followed by almost a hundred policemen. It was such a cool thing to see a real Londoner carrying the Olympic torch! It set an amazing tone for the rest of the day for us to check out some awesome local places in South London, including a pub/restaurant at the top of an abandoned parking garage, the BEST place to get pie and mash in South London and a trip to an unbelievable museum and cafe that served exquisite coffee and chicken salads and stored thousands of trophies.


Thanks to some tips from Andrew, we were able to see a part of London that only a local would have been able to.


I can’t WAIT to see what’s in store next. The inspiration and education I received today was priceless, all because one man decided to go head first into the unknown for a cause greater than himself.

Thank you Andrew, you inspire me!