This is our first guest post from Daily Love author and blogger Mastin Kipp.

Check out all Mastin’s updates as he gets to know the real London via our most amazing Airbnb hosts.

I’d like to say a GIANT HELLO to the Airbnb community! You are my friends, my fellow hosts and renters. I am SO excited to be with my love and partner in crime Jenna here in London with Airbnb.

My blog,, is a digital place to love and be loved. Every day for four years we’ve sent out drops of inspiration. I imagine a world where people are living the BEST version of their lives – happy, full of purpose, and thriving.

So what does this have to do with Airbnb? It’s simple: I believe that Airbnb is helping people accomplish this goal every day.


I’ve been an Airbnb fan for a LONG time. (In fact, Airbnb played a crucial role in my relationship with Jenna.) Whenever I travel, I ALWAYS use Airbnb. So it was a natural fit when we talked with the Airbnb folks about coming to London during the Olympics to get to know four amazing Airbnb hosts.

I’ve read these hosts’ stories and gotten to know them. You will too, very soon.

These people are all living a better, more fulfilled life because of Airbnb. I am into practical and pragmatic tools that help transform people’s lives. Without these tools, what I do is nothing more than entertainment.

We are going to DIVE DEEP into the lives and local areas of London with these hosts and get to know their local, authentic version of the city they call home. In addition, we’ll take a peek under the hood of the best strategies they have found to live with PURPOSE.


We are beyond thrilled to be able to share the stories of these über-inspiring people who have hopefully paved the way for YOU to live the best version of your own life. On top of that, we are hoping to bring a part of London alive that no one else other than these amazing hosts and locals would get to see.

So strap in and get ready for a rockin’ peek inside Olympic central, and learn how these amazing hosts are changing their lives for the better using one of the coolest websites on the planet.

Lots of love (daily),

Mastin and Jenna