This is a guest post from Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love.

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We met with Clio today in Pages Walk, a very quaint and artsy part of town.


As we began to talk, it was very apparent to me that the idea of artful repurposing surfaced yet again. As it was with Andrew and Tessa, Clio was an artist who worked a corporate job (as a corporate head hunter), who had grown tired of the rat race and was truly missing connection and contribution in her life.

As Andrew had said earlier in the week, “It’s the same people chasing after the same pile of money”. And I felt this same sentiment with Clio. She wanted more. She is as artist. She LOVED to repurpose furniture. She’s super creative and someone who doesn’t like waste. She had been planning her escape for quite some time, so when the day came for her to jump, she was READY!

What was most inspiring about Clio is that she KNEW life could be different. And even though she was afraid, she KNEW it would be OK. She was raised by parents who always believed in her, and she was blessed enough to be surrounded by peers who rallied around her choice to DIVE into the unknown and find a life full of purpose, meaning, and creativity.


As it was with the others, she dove in and Airbnb came into her life. Airbnb is now supplying enough income for her to be able to have her own furniture studio, from which she sells her work on Etsy.

With the extra time and finances, Clio is not only able to fulfill her passion for creativity, but also spend more time with her husband Bryn.


Clio showed us around to some amazing places. We even got Sunday Roast at a local pub (that was deeee-licious).

Clio lives a charmed life: she’s able to express herself creatively, run her online business, enjoy her new marriage and focus on having FUN instead of being bossed around by the corporate powers that be!

Young love and creativity are blossoming in Pages Walk in a way that was never before possible.

I love my job!

Love from London,