Our members are from all walks of life and corners of the globe, and nowhere is this more apparent than at a meetup! Last week, we captured the diversity and personality of some our finest hosts on film and video. Despite the torrential rain, hosts and guests made it out to RayKo studios for some wine, nibbles, and serious camera action.

After a little wine and makeup prep, folks hopped on set with one of Airbnb’s lovely hosts, Becca J, to share their experiences on video and record video profiles. As any experienced Airbnb user knows, a real photo goes a long way, so we also shot still portraits to be used for profile pictures, family albums, and/or mementos. See the stars of Airbnb in full-pixel glory!

When we asked guests the most memorable part of the Airbnb, eyes lit up as they describe sitting around the table for homecooked meals, sharing coastal boat rides, and embarking on tours of the city. Hands shuffled around in purses for phones and cameras to show us photos of good times. Cathryn B even brought along her current guest to meet the Airbnb crew, and hosts Arlene & Leon recalled a time when a guest came for a week and stayed for a month! Who says a good bed is hard to find?

Airbnb meetups may be coming to a city near you… Catch us in Austin for SXSW or in New Orleans on March 16th!