As Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of Airbnb, I’m not able to attend many of the numerous meetups that our company organizes. However this past Thursday I happened to be in Amsterdam, one of our very vibrant markets, and I decided to host a meetup myself. All three co-founders seize these opportunities when they are possible (check out co-founder Joe Gebbia’s roadtrip during the holiday season)— something we have done since the very beginning of the company. Meeting our users is not only enjoyable, but it also aides my understanding of what is working well and where opportunities for improvement lie.

The meetup was held at Vyne, a modern wine bar along one of the many canals of Amsterdam. Roughly 30 people participated, including some of our top hosts, such as Mense and Roy. Users must have enjoyed meeting one another, because most of them stayed over two hours. Halfway through the evening I gave an update on the business, including how we’ve seen Amsterdam evolve over the past 12 months and where we think it is headed. A year ago we had less than 30 properties in Amsterdam; now we have almost 300! It is quite possible that we’ll have over one thousand by next year given how excited our community is there.