Nearly 1,500 hosts gathered on the last night of the Airbnb Open to recognize and celebrate 10 of the very best hosts on Airbnb as selected by guests and other hosts. Ten awards were given in five categories: Community, Unique Listing, Belong Anywhere, Above and Beyond, and Hero. Like many hosts who attended the Airbnb Open, the stories of these winners emphasize just how much each of our hosts has to offer to the Airbnb community.

See how each of our hosts are helping our guests belong anywhere.


Community: A host who is passionate about supporting other Hosts throughout the Airbnb community

Host: Peter K., Superhost
Listing: San Francisco, United States /
 “Peter has done a fantastic job of creating a group that has brought hosts together to on a wide variety of relevant issues. Specifically, providing the forum for organizing and advocating on behalf of legalizing home sharing in San Francisco. He started and dedicated the Home Sharers group to updating and educating the community on this issue and many more. He’s been great at synthesizing information and keeping us informed.” -Holly C.


Host: Rosa Maria S.
Listing: Barcelona, Spain /
Nomination: “Rosa herself is the definition of the word hospitality and she has contributed a lot to our Barcelona host community by telling her story several times to the media (both TV and newspapers). She has given so much without asking for anything in return and in my opinion now she deserves a treat.” … “She was the public face in Barcelona representing during the 3th of July the host community asking the council for a new regulation that permit us to share our homes.” … “She’s the bravest host in the world. She wrote a letter and send a petition to the Mayor in Barcelona to legalise home-sharing!” -Vivianne E., Andres C., Amanda, T.

Unique Listing: A host who has unique, creative, or luxurious amenities in their space

Host: Jeanne M., Superhost
Listing: Santa Cruz la Laguna, Guatemala /
Nomination: Jeanne’s home is something out of a dream. After her husband passed away, Jeanne came to Guatemala for a retreat and was captured by the magic of the place. She built Las Vistas from scratch afterwards. It’s a perfectly round house filled with light and gorgeous views of the Atitlan lake and three majestic, dormant volcanoes. Our room was very comfortable with a private terrace accompanied by two handwoven hammocks. The gorgeous bathroom includes a bathtub where you can gaze at the stars. The place is beautifully decorated with unique pieces from local villages and stunning bespoke furniture from local craftsmen, and the landscaped garden is a work of art.” – Fabien D.


Host: VanGos T., Superhost
Listing:   Crete, Greece /
Nomination: “No photos could have prepared me for this magical listing. It’s an ancient site that was once an olive mill. VanGos has lovingly and tastefully restored the home from near rubble into the perfect blend of modern luxury and ancient tradition. Sitting by the outdoor pool or dining on one of several terraces, I felt that I’d been transported to paradise. And with hot showers and an espresso machine, no modern luxury is sacrificed. Grotto Homes was such a spectacular property that I was hard pressed to get myself out the door to explore Crete.” -Prairie S.


Belong Anywhere: A host who provided a warm, welcoming experience

Host: Daniel L., Superhost
Listing: Copenhagen, Denmark /
Nomination: “When you first get to your room, Daniel has a white board that says, “Welcome! Mi casa es su casa.” He curates an insider’s guide to Copenhagen that he shares with his guests, he’s open to hang out and have dinner, and he always has an interesting story to share. He translated for me when I needed help with something. He gave me a great overview of the layout of the city and the meaning of neighborhood names, which really made it easier for me to navigate. I spent hours walking around visiting places I never would have found had it not been for his list during my stay. I’d recommend any of my friends visiting Copenhagen for the first time to stay with Daniel.” -Jessa C.

Host: Antonella P.
Listing:   Rome, Italy /
Nomination: “After our arrival, Antonella and Sergio made us the most delicious home-cooked vegetarian pasta! We sat on the outdoor patio having wine, fresh bread, pasta and laughed the evening away while getting to know each other. During our month-long stay, we were always invited into the kitchen to learn authentic Italian recipes. Sergio went out of his way to invite all of his guests to his home-cooked meals and included those who were interested into the kitchen to learn his techniques. These hosts were the warmest and most welcoming couple we have ever met.” -Richard and Michelle B.

Above & Beyond: A host who offered extraordinary hospitality and support

Host: Lorenzo C., Superhost
Listing: Milan, Italy /
Nomination: “After being pick-pocketed in Paris, we were left with no money for the little things, including food. At a time of need, Lorenzo made us feel welcome, safe, and loved. We were panicked, but Lorenzo greeted us in Milan with the warmest smile. The listing, which he built himself, was full of snacks and pasta ready for us to devour. We couldn’t have been more grateful! On top of that, when it was time for us to head back home, he picked us up at 3AM and took us to the airport so that we wouldn’t have to pay for a taxi. Lorenzo is a host above hosts.” -Shelby S.


Host: Inigo D., Superhost
Listing: San Sebastian, Spain /
Nomination: “Our family had an awesome stay in San Sebastian because of Inigo, our amazing host. From the moment he met us at check-in to the moment we left San Sebastian, he looked after us in a multitude of ways. On one particular evening, he went way beyond the call of duty and had organised for his sister to come and babysit our two toddlers so we could enjoy a night out trying out the tapas bars around the the old town. It was such a lovely gesture. He distinguishes himself by literally going above and beyond. If you want a true authentic experience from a local Basque, make sure you look up Inigo.” -Charles P.

Hero: A host who ensured guests’ comfort, even when the unexpected arose

Host: Amy B.
Listing: Los Angeles, United States /
Nomination: “While staying at Amy’s for the second time, I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and needed cancer surgery the next day. I was in shock and didn’t know how to handle all of this. Amy stepped up to take care of me during the entire ordeal. She would look in on me, check the stitches, and make certain I had everything I needed. Amy was so concerned and kind; she did everything to make my stay perfect and made sure I had somewhere to spend Christmas. To this day, I’m so grateful for everything she did.” -Caroline N.


Host: Alix C.
Listing: Basque Country, France /
Nomination: “After having been lost in the sunflower-spotted hills of southern France, I rolled into Alix’s home with a completely flat tire. She ushered me in, called over a neighbor, and got him to fix my flat tire. With so much love and care, she settled me in on my private balcony with a carafe of chilled local wine and a platter filled with cherry tomatoes from her garden and home-roasted nuts. Her saucy French cat rolled in the dirt at my feet, and her little dog trotted around her countryside backyard. She also left a big, warm slice of homemade apricot pie for me after my visit to the surrounding lavender fields.” -Michelle M.



What an amazing experience honoring this inspiring community! And we look forward to recognizing and celebrating more hosts at the 2015 Airbnb Open Host Awards!


Photo Credit: Airbnb/Gabriela Herman