This year, Airbnb Open LA will be bigger, more dynamic, and more personalized than ever. We’re bringing together speakers who are trailblazers in hospitality and travel to present keynotes and workshops. We’re planning celebrations and entertainment that will reward your hard work year round. And we’re designing smaller, more intimate moments for you to enjoy with fellow hosts who share your passions.   

Based on the passionate nature of the people who come to Open, you could almost call it a pilgrimage. Many hosts have told us that Open is much more transformational than a conference. Some have called it a “congress” since it’s such a global gathering for people in the home sharing movement.

So we’ve decided to call it a festival this year, and not a conference. We’re creating something that will engage more than attendees’ minds, it will connect with their hearts and souls as well. It’s educational, it’s fun, and thanks to some surprising delights, we think participants will remember the experience for the rest of their lives.AO16_Marquee

Learning together, sharing our experiences

We know that one the most valuable parts of this experience is building relationships with other hosts from all over the world. So we’re offering new, diverse ways for you to connect, including:

  • Workshops with more than thirty host educators who will share best practices on a variety of subjects.
  • Nearly a dozen sizable Conversation Spaces that you can use to chat with fellow hosts. We’ll be designating areas with specific subjects of interest, so it’s easy to find other hosts and Airbnb employees who share your passions, questions, and insights.
  • A series of more than one hundred Open Houses curated by Los Angeles-based hosts, offering an intimate setting to get to know other hosts in local hosts’ homes.
  • Dazzling and inviting gathering spaces, including a multi-story Host Clubhouse, and a central Oasis. You’ll be able to use these spaces to meet people, chat with speakers, and enjoy the energy of our largest global gathering ever.

Inviting passionate guests to join in

Debbie and Michael Campbell, the “Senior Nomads,” are Airbnb’s most famous guests—they’ve stayed in Airbnb homes for the past 3 years continuously. They took the stage at Airbnb Open in Paris last year and theirs was one of the most popular keynotes!

So at this year’s event, we want to tap into the thousands of Airbnb guests who are global nomads who think of Airbnb hosts’ listings as their home away from home. We’re inviting a select number of our most frequent and best guests to register for Open this year, so they can share their experiences and insights like Debbie and Michael do.

Over time, we want Airbnb Open to be about the transformational nature of hosting and travel. We’ll also be making one of Airbnb’s most important announcement of all-time at Open so we want some of the most active, passionate guests to be there for the historic moment, too.

Bringing more glamor to the celebration

This year, the Host Awards have had a makeover: now, they’re the Bélo Awards. We’re charging for an additional ticket to this upscale night that will be our version of the Academy Awards. We’ll be providing ample food and drinks, and opportunities to mingle with exciting celebrities in hospitality, art, and entertainment.

Less than one-third of Airbnb Open attendees will be able to attend the Bélo Awards, because the venue—LA’s iconic Orpheum Theater—can only accommodate 2,000 people. By charging to attend, we’ll limit this particular session to the attendees who are most excited for the celebration. But there will be other free events happening at the same time for all Airbnb Open attendees.

Creating intimate moments for a big community

In 2014 and 2015, we were able to accommodate 1,500 and 5,000 people in a single space for Airbnb Open. But this year, as attendance continues to grow, we won’t have a single venue that can accommodate everyone in one building.

That’s why we’ve chosen four historic theaters in downtown Los Angeles, all within three blocks of each other, to be the site of this year’s Open. This campus-like approach means we can offer participants more sessions to choose from, and more opportunities to enjoy the impressive theatrical architecture of the Los Angeles Theater District, known for having the highest concentration of movie palaces in the world. On Saturday night, we’ll add a fifth theater in the area for performances and indoor and outdoor entertainment.

These updates reflect the ways our community is growing in size, style, and passion. There are more and more creative, thoughtful, entrepreneurial people like you who want to share personal experiences and create a world of belonging. I hope you’ll join us in Los Angeles so we can continue to build the future of hospitality together.