Chip said it best: Airbnb Open was an incredible learning experience for us. You shared stories of providing authentic hospitality, you asked leaders from around the company tough questions, and you gave us incredible feedback about what would make Airbnb even better. Some themes emerged from the product feedback you shared at the Fair, product roundtables, and staff dinners. We’ve put together this overview of your feedback to help inform our planning for 2015.


You want more information from guests

Getting to know your guests isn’t only rewarding, it’s essential for feeling secure when you welcome them into your space. That’s why you want every traveler using Airbnb to have a detailed profile, a clear photo, and verifications.

But getting to know your guest is only the beginning. You shared how challenging it can be to host a guest who has mismatched expectations. You want to feel confident that the guests who reach out to you know how Airbnb works and that they have a clear understanding of what you expect from your guests. Finding ways to ensure that they read your House Rules and listing details would be a big help.

And after the trip is over, you want reviews that offer detailed, honest guidance. You asked for more transparency around the category ratings you receive so you know how to improve.


More control will make it easier to host

To get the reservations you want, you asked for better marketing and promotion tools, and a more detailed understanding of how search works. To keep up with demand, you want message templates that help you communicate quickly. And to make sure you get the most out of being a host, you asked for improved pricing tools that account for seasonal travel trends. You also want to be able to manage your calendar and custom prices from the Airbnb mobile app in the same way you do on your computer.

Simplifying price details for you and your guests

Service fees, cleaning fees—it’s a lot to keep track of. You want a simpler overview of how much your guests will pay, particularly for the Special Offers you send them. We’re already working on an update that will make it much simpler for guests to see what their service fee will be for a reservation, so they don’t ask you for help with figuring it out.


Our community is strong and diverse

You showed us how committed you are to participating in the Airbnb community to enhance our social impact. The feedback you shared at the Global Citizenship roundtable sessions will help guide the program our team is developing, and your engagement will be central to its success.

One of the best parts of the Open was seeing people from all over the world, sharing their stories of providing guests with unique, memorable experiences. Our community is varied: in nationality, sensibility, and age. You want Airbnb to reflect that. And you want it to be easy to connect with other hosts in Groups and offline.

We’re already thinking about how we can get more hosts involved at the next Airbnb Open in Paris. In the meantime, we know there’s lots of work to do. Early in the new year, we’ll share our 2015 plans and ask for your feedback. We always want to know what’s important to you―even if we can’t tackle everything right away. A lot of you shared with us that it’s difficult to offer feedback, and we want to fix that. We’re committed to keeping you updated and making hosting easier and more personal. Thank you for your guidance on how to get there.


Photo Credit: Airbnb/Gabriela Herman