There’s no better place to partake and indulge in the DIY revolution than Etsy.com. Through this marketplace for small-production goods, craftspeople and artisans around the globe peddle their wares, so from custom-forged coat racks to bespoke aprons, the world of handmade splays wide open. What this means is that as a consumer, your dollar (or lire, or euro) will go straight to the folks who produce these products, and not into the hands of some behemoth, laughing megacorp. As you can imagine, we’re super fans of Etsy.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be teaming up for their inaugural Hello Etsy conference, from September 17-18th in Berlin. The conference is a great opportunity for small business owners to connect with their peers and learn the critical marketing and production skills, ultimately helping build the foundation of sustainable local economies.

As the official accommodations partner, Airbnb is offering 75€ off all bookings between September 16th-19th in the area. For those crafty Airbnb folks interested in attending the conference, we’ve got 15€ discounts, just for you. Use coupon code “airbnb_helloetsy2011″ and be sure to tweet your Etsy profile to @airbnb and @HelloEtsy!