Oh my, Omaha! Thanks for terrific turnout to celebrate our Local List of your fine city!  Did your favorites make our first-ever list of local Omaha favorites? If you missed the party, you can get a sneak peek of the Local List map here – or better yet, stop by to pick up your free copy at the Airbnb Pop-up in the Old Market (1125 Jackson St).

The Airbnb Pop-up is open Friday 4-8pm, Saturday 12-5pm and Sunday 2-5pm through March 29. Take a coffee break courtesy of Aromas and mingle with your neighbors at the pop-up. Our friendly brand ambassadors will be there to hand out Local List maps, share Omaha tips and answer all your questions about hosting.

While you’re in The New Blk-designed pop-up admiring artwork by Omaha artist Phil Hawkins, you can make your own contribution to the Oh My Omaha living wall. Just add your own photo and response to complete this sentence: “You know you’re from Omaha when…”

Airbnb Omaha pop up living wall

If you heard about Saturday’s sensational Local List event, you won’t want to miss our upcoming Airbnb Omaha events, including a March 21 Omaha Trunk Show at the Airbnb Pop-up.

Bring your friends, family and Omaha pride to the Airbnb Pop-Up before March 29. We look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood!