Airbnb’s economic impact on the NYC community

We’ve heard so many stories about how hosting impacts the lives of New Yorkers. There’s one thing all New York hosts have in common: their guests make their neighborhoods stronger by patronizing local businesses. We hear about the shopping bags left behind, the favorite local cafe guests gushed over, and the love hosts get in return from local business owners.

And now we have quantitative evidence that New York hosts are good for the community.

The results from the independently conducted Economic Impact survey we commissioned are in. It’s clear that the Airbnb community is a positive economic force for New York. According to the economic impact study released on Tuesday:

  • Airbnb generated $632 million in economic activity in New York in one year

  • Airbnb visitors stay on average 6.4 nights (compared to 3.9 for hotel guests) and spend $880 at NYC businesses (compared to $690 for average New York visitors)

  • 82% of Airbnb listings in New York are outside of the main tourist area of midtown Manhattan, and the average Airbnb guest spends $740 in the neighborhood where she stays

  • In one year, Airbnb generated $104 million in New York City economic activity outside  Manhattan

Download the full PDFNYC-economic-impact

See below for a PDF that tells the story of our New York hosts by the numbers.

The Airbnb Community’s Economic Impact on New York City

The Airbnb community supports New York’s goals of strengthening and diversifying the city’s economy.
Airbnb guests support substantial economic impacts in New York City.

$632M. Total economic impact that Airbnb’s 416,000 visitors supported in New York City in the last year.

Airbnb visitors stay throughout New York’s diverse neighborhoods, in all 5 boroughs.

82% of Airbnb properties are located outside of Mid-Manhattan, compared to 30-40% of hotels located outside of Mid-Manhattan.

This allows Airbnb visitors to explore neighborhoods that traditionally haven’t benefited from tourism.
These neighborhoods benefit economically from increased visitation.

In the past year Airbnb generated $105 million in economic activity in New York City and supported 950 jobs in the outer boroughs.

Airbnb guests support local business throughout New York’s diverse neighborhoods.

57% of visitor spending occurs in the neighborhood where she stays.
$740 Amount the average visitor spends in the neighborhood where she stays.

Neighborhood Case Studies

851 Hosts; 22,145 Guests stayed in the past year; $17.1M Total guest spending in the Lower East Side / Chinatown$9.9M to local households; $7.2M to local businesses. 


643 Hosts; 22,450 Guests stayed in the past year; $14.5M Total guest spending in the Bedford-Stuyvesant / Brooklyn. $6.1M to local households; $8.4M to local businesses


1,001 Hosts; 28,310 Guests stayed in the past year; $18.1M Total guest spending in the Harlem / Manhattan. $8.4M to local households; $9.7M to local businesses


300 Hosts; 5,395 Guests stayed in the past year; $3.5M Total guest spending in the Astoria / Queens. $1.6M to local households; $1.9M to local businesses

The Airbnb community is contributing to a new economy.