People use Airbnb’s search function every day to find the most interesting places in the world to stay. While we’re always improving things behind the scenes, we haven’t made major changes to what travelers see—until now.

Today, we’re beginning a rollout of a brand new search experience to help make deciding where to go a snap. This is a first step in giving you new ways to find the best spot for you and your travel companions.

Some cool things to check out:

Massive map

Location is the the single most important factor to Airbnb guests. We drastically increased the size of the map: previously a small 228 pixel square, the map now extends from the top to bottom of the page and occupies about 40% of the horizontal screen. And it’s dynamic, so it changes size depending on the size of the browser window. Now it’s easier to view locations, zoom in on any spot on the map, or zoom out and view multiple places.


New, bigger map makes finding the best location much easier

Fantastic photos

View listings like never before. Photos have increasingly become the pulse of the Airbnb experience. We’ve taken photos in more than 112 countries, we even have 500 photos of listings in Nepal! We wanted to bring photos front and center in our listings view—travelers can now browse photos on the search page that are 2-4x larger than before, minimizing the need to jump in and out of different listings, and making it easier to decide where to land.


Beautiful, bigger photos that you can browse right from the search results page

Focused filters

Airbnb guests can filter for almost anything: neighborhood, pools, even free parking. But the filters that matter most to travelers are travel dates, space type, and cost, so we brought the most important filters front and center. Still need more? You can still drill down with further filters to your heart’s desire.


The filters you need the most right at your fingertips