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Airbnb hosts in Ireland have been welcoming guests into their homes since early 2009. Over the past six years, Ireland residents have formed a vibrant Airbnb community, sharing unique experiences with travelers from around the world.

The following report examines the impacts of Airbnb and its community in Ireland. Economic, social, and environmental impacts have all been evaluated to understand how Airbnb fits into Irish society. The analysis is based on all travel to Ireland during the year-period from October 2014 to September 2015.

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Airbnb’s Host Community

Between October 2014 and September 2015, 7,200 hosts welcomed guests into their homes. The average host is 44 years old. 14% of all hosts are retired and 43% are freelancers, self employed or entrepreneurs. Almost half of Airbnb hosts earn under the median income for Ireland. Hosts in Ireland have more than doubled annually since 2010.

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Airbnb’s Guest Community

Since 2009, more than 419,000 guests have used Airbnb to explore Ireland. The number of guests using Airbnb has grown steadily since 2009, with visitation more than doubling each year. 90% of guests in Ireland visited for vacation and leisure or to see friends and family. 75% of Airbnb guests are looking to explore a specific neighbourhood.

Collaborative Economy

Airbnb and our community are part of the new Collaborative Economy, a movement that enables residents to access new economic opportunities, promotes entrepreneurship, strengthens communities and conserves resources—all aspects of public life in which governments have invested significantly.

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