In the final episode of her three part “Living like a Local” series, Taryn Southern zips to Monaco to experience all the magic the city has to offer. She meets Newton, no, not the scientist, but the eco-friendly car that host, Roberto, takes her in to explore. Not only does he offer these nifty ecotours to his guests, but he volunteers tours of the city as well. His escapade with Taryn includes a pit stop to Prince Albert’s home, a pebble-laden beach, and even an exhilerating race (as exhilarating as it can be in an eco-friendly car) around the Grand Prix track. All that speeding around gets their tastebuds craving some delicious local cuisine, so they hit up La Romanitica, a family-owned bistro. Watch on to see Roberto and Taryn’s tips to exploring this city like a champion.