One part of smart wealth management is finding ways to earn extra money, preferably with minimal effort. With this in mind, Wealthsimple and Airbnb have partnered to provide a great reason for people to invest with Wealthsimple and become Airbnb hosts: free cash. Wealthsimple is a new investing platform that manages your money like the world’s great financial minds, but without those big-firm fees. New or existing Wealthsimple account holders who join Airbnb as first-time hosts could get an extra $400 USD put into their Wealthsimple accounts.

Earn money and meet cool people

As a host on Airbnb, you make your extra space—a spare bedroom, detached unit, or vacation home—available for people who pay to stay for short periods of time, typically 2 to 30 days. You can get an idea of how much you might earn by visiting the host website. Creating a listing is free and Airbnb provides resources to help you manage your calendar, welcome guests, and get paid. Airbnb’s host community and its world-class customer service department are available to help you thrive as a host. Airbnb also provides peace of mind through its $1,000,000 USD Host Guarantee. On top of all that, you can meet travelers from around the world and discover new opportunities, relationships and skills.

How to get your $400 bonus

This offer is available to new or existing Wealthsimple account holders who also become first-time Airbnb hosts and create listings in the USA (excluding Miami and Hawaii) and Canada (excluding Toronto and Vancouver). You can get started by going to the Airbnb host site to create your listing. From there, you’re ready to welcome guests and earn money to help pay bills, fund your next trip, or save for the future. Once your listing generates at least $500 USD (excluding cleaning fees and taxes), your $400 bonus will be deposited directly into your Wealthsimple account.

A partnership with you in mind

The partnership between Airbnb and Wealthsimple combines two important things: the short term and the long term. Airbnb is all about having life experiences now (whether you’re going somewhere fascinating or hosting someone interesting) while socking away some extra cash. Wealthsimple is all about making your money work harder, and smarter, so that you’re more secure later. Wealthsimple also saves you time and stress now by automatically managing your account and rebalancing your portfolio, all without charging you high fees.

Visit the Airbnb host site to get started, so that you can maybe earn more money, along with that $400 bonus.