Where does genius come from? Is it something one is born with? Can you drink from a magical goblet and become ten times smarter? Or maybe it is a result of where you are from? That’s why when the AirbnbTV team headed to Giacomo’s villa, just minutes from Vinci, the team felt that perhaps by simply standing near the home of where Leonardo was born it would instantly activate any brainwaves that had since gone dormant.

No one’s sure if it worked, for soon after they were swept back to the countryside to watch the sun doze off across the horizon. Giacomo’s home felt like a home away from home – if your home is in paradise that is. Vibrant colors and stunning artwork greet every guest, and from each window is a heavenly view of the countryside.

We ask that you take a moment, close your eyes, and let your imagination ripple…

(cue calming music) * You are sitting on the balcony, holding a glass of local red wine. You take a sip, and the flavors burst through all of your taste buds one by one. You hear the distant sounds of voices & music from a festival taking place in the town below the hillside. The smell of homemade eggplant parmesan wafts to your nose. You take a big breath of Tuscan air – and you sigh a contented sigh. You have achieved utmost relaxation.* (abrupt stop to calming music)

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The AirbnbTV Team

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