The Aegean Sea is unlike any other body of water in the world; it’s deep blue color cannot be done justice unless seen in person, and the salty wind and frothy waves beckon for adventurous souls– which is why AirTV headed to the island of Evia to see it up close. On the remote side of the island lies a beautiful mansion belonging to the lovely host Chryssa, whose father custom built it by hand. From the hand-carved furniture to the fresh-squeezed orange juice, the house is an amusement park of gorgeous scenery and dreamy accommodations.


Complete with a jacuzzi, saltwater swimming pool, tennis courts, a basketball hoop, and a Greek brick oven; accommodating is an understatement. Perfect for couples and families alike, there’s plenty of space, including lots of large tables perfect for big gatherings. Secret passageways in the built-in bookcases, the Tarzan-esque climbing ropes, and the fireman sliding poles are just some of the imaginative touches that surprise at every turn. You can even have the resident macaw, Tardu, sit on your shoulder to test your vocabulary.


To truly bask in the beauty and craftsmanship of this exceptional place, you’ll have to realize the dream for yourself. Go ahead and book your next adventure in paradise: 

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