This episode of AirTV is sure to make a splash! The AirbnbTV team caught wind of an engagement that took place on this very boat, and after watching this escapade, you’ll want to strengthen those nautical skills and hop aboard. Okay, we’ll stop with the boat references, but we are just that excited.

Located off of the beautiful Bainbridge island in Seattle, Tammy (that’s Cap’t Tammy to you!) will show you a lesson in sea navigation, provide a fresh breakfast in a traditional icebox, and let you raise the sail. This backdrop set the perfect tone for what guest, Aaron, had in mind for one of the most important days of his life – a proposal to his lovely girlfriend, Amber. Everything went off without a hitch, and Aaron said, “When I started searching for a boat, the task seemed daunting, but a quick search on airbnb didn’t just locate a boat – it yielded a bed and breakfast. How romantic is that?”

We think it’s really romantic, Aaron. And this unique listing can be perfect for all sorts of getaways, so be sure to watch and then skipper on over to book your next adventure!