Every Airbnb host is expected to provide guests what we like to call the essentials: soap, toilet paper, clean sheets and towels. But why stop at this bare minimum when by offering just a little bit more you can make your guest’s stay even more enjoyable?

For starters, use those essentials as a springboard to more noteworthy hospitality. Raise the bar on that bar of soap by also treating your guests to some fabulous shower gel or bath salts—and source from local makers. And how about a sweet on the pillow as a finishing touch for those freshly laundered sheets? If you think toilet paper can’t be kicked up a notch, we beg to differ. Spending a few seconds folding back the corners of that first sheet on the roll—or mastering tp origami—has the power to make someone say “Hey, honey, check this out!” If the above suggestions all sound a little too basic, keep on reading because we pulled together a list of favorite DIY hosting tips from Airbnb hosts that will inspire you to be as creative as you want to be. Each is gentle on the budget, requires little time and effort, and is packed with enormous potential for injecting a breath of fresh new charm into your space. Have fun!


  • Create a welcome basket, complete with fixings for a warm beverage, wine, chocolate, perhaps some comfy socks and a few spa products, too.
  • Buy a suitcase stand. They’re affordable, sturdy, and come in styles to match every décor. Plus it’s crystal clear where guests can plop their luggage.
  • Have your phone number handy on the keyring you give to guests along with a clip they so can attach the keys to a belt or backpack. (Note: from the comments, a lot of hosts don’t feel comfortable with putting a full address on the key ring because of the possibility that the keys will get lost. As an alternative, just include a phone number or email, or provide your address details on a separate card.)

DIY hosting with a welcome basket

Around the house

  • Display original artwork and mementos from your own travels. They make fabulous conversation pieces.
  • Guests love winding down with a good book or magazine. Provide a nice selection that shows off your tastes and help a guest explore and understand your region of the world.
  • Provide high-quality linens, towels, and dishes. Comparison shop to find deals—high thread-count isn’t always high cost.
  • Show off local craftspeople that make your area unique. Have local art on your wall? Coffee from a roaster down the street? Tell guests where they can find more.
  • Vase up fresh-cut flowers from your garden or local flower seller for the entryway, nightstand, even the bathroom.
  • Provide soaps for more than just cleaning the hands and body. Think dishes and laundry, too.
  • Encourage guests to explore their creative side. Leave out a basket of art supplies— watercolors, pastels, paper and brushes will do nicely.

DIY hosting - just add books

In the guests’ space

  • Protect the finish of wooden dining tables, nightstands, and dressers by adding fabric or glass cut to fit the top of each.
  • Set up an in-room beverage station, complete with bottled water, electric tea kettle, coffeemaker, and a selection of teas and coffee. That way guests can have something to sip without having to get dressed to come to the kitchen if they want privacy.
  • Leave a one-size-fits-all bathrobe in the closet—two if your guests tend to be couples.

Have a few tips of your own you’d like to add to this list? Please share!