Where is the best place to stay when you’re visiting Barcelona? If you’ve never been, how do you know which neighborhood will fit your interests or fill your soul? Do you want a trendy and bustling area or a peaceful respite away from the trappings of tourism?

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Barcelona Neighborhoods, the perfect way to find not just the best neighborhood, but the best neighborhood for you.

From surreal landscapes and suntanned skin to shared plates and quixotic storytelling, Barcelona captivates travelers’ hearts, souls, and imaginations. The proud Catalonian capital cultivates its very own culture on the east coast of Spain, speaking its own language and influencing tomorrow through its art, fashion, and finance while chocolating its own churros, one tassa at a time.


Filled with fiercely passionate neighborhoods whose days begin early and whose nights end late, Barcelona’s vivaciousness stretches from dreamlike hilltop parks designed by Antoni Gaudí to sand borders along the Mediterranean Sea.

We invite you to explore and enjoy 21 of Barcelona’s inimitable neighborhoods.