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Host concerts on Airbnb

Airbnb Concerts are intimate shows in unique spaces, each one features a local artist that is hand-picked by the concert host. Becoming a concert host is an opportunity for anyone—musicians, music lovers, experts, venue owners—to earn money and be more involved in their local music community.


Expand your audience

Meet interesting people and connect with a community of travelers and locals who share your passion for live music.


Host on your terms

Express yourself through a live music experience that is truly yours. Curate the artist and venue, then set a schedule that works for you—whether you host concerts daily, weekly, or monthly.


Earn money doing something you love

Empower local artists to take ownership over their shows and make money without relying on a manager or booking agent. You can earn consistent revenue with recurring concerts, and Airbnb handles payment processing, provides 24-hour customer service, covers liability insurance, and more.


How to get started

Step 1: Have an artist in mind (either yourself, or someone you know).

Step 2: Choose a unique venue—other hosts have booked places like wine cellars, bookstores, art galleries, breweries, and even docked ships (we can help connect you to a venue if needed).

Step 3: Sign up to become a host on the Airbnb Experiences website (a few aspects of the signup won’t be as applicable to Concerts, but we can make adjustments later).

Step 4: We’ll give you resources and step-by-step instructions to get your concert up and running.

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Featured Airbnb Concerts



Intimate Concert on a Steamship

Intimate Concert on a Steamship

Boston’s Best Music: Live & Intimate

Boston’s Best Music: Live & Intimate

Brixton Hidden Jazz Club

Brixton Hidden Jazz Club

Frequently asked questions

What are Airbnb Concerts?

Airbnb Concerts are intimate, recurring shows that are typically hosted by professional musicians in their home cities, music lovers, or venue owners.  

How do Airbnb Concerts work?

Each Airbnb Concert is designed and organized by a host, who has the artistic freedom to choose the artist, venue, and ticket price. Becoming a concert host means you’ll be a concert promoter, band manager, and business owner all rolled into one. When organizing a concert and setting the ticket price, it’s important that hosts consider the cost of the venue, the artist fees, and any other costs involved.

What does it mean to be a concert host?

As a concert host, you’ll introduce guests to the music and places you’re most passionate about. Hosts don’t have to be musicians themselves—although many of them are—they just need a strong passion for bringing together live music and people in an intimate setting. These small shows range in size, but are capped at a maximum of 100 guests. Hosts procure the artists and often the venue, so it helps to have a local network to tap into.

What is the host responsible for?

Concert hosts are responsible for sourcing the artists, finding a unique venue (though we can help), setting up the event, and making sure the logistics run smoothly for the show. You can read more about our quality standards for hosts here.

How do I find a venue?

Most hosts use their knowledge of the city and personal connections to find unique venues. Get creative! We’ve seen concerts hosted in wine cellars, bookstores, art galleries, breweries, and even docked ships. If you have questions about finding a venue, you can email us at

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