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“Look out at the world. Isn’t it wonderful?”

It’s the question we ask through the perspective of a traveling miniature train in our newest video—a video we created to explain what Airbnb is all about to those who haven’t experienced it. And, to answer this question in short: Yes, this little world is pretty wonderful. Fantastical, even. And we’re excited to share it with you.

Shot in Auckland, New Zealand with production house, CIRKUS, this concept came to life with TBWA Singapore and Airbnb. Like all of our creative, it was a global collaboration from start to finish.

“What made this concept attractive to us was the handmade feel and the attention to detail,” explains Matthias Schuecking, Head of Airbnb’s APAC Marketing. “I think everyone has an appreciation for miniature worlds and just how whimsical they are. This feeling like you are in a dream world brings you back to your childhood–to toy trains and tiny play worlds where you are on an adventure, and where you belong no matter what. Traveling with Airbnb, and the journey you go through when you stay with local hosts and experience a city through their home, it’s the same feeling. The world feels smaller just by connecting with these people. It brings you back to this magical world.”

But the making of this little world took more than just magic. Specifically, it took 30 people over five weeks to create and build the set, all without using CGI and all without making any cuts. The entire video is filmed in one take. (That is, after at least 85 previous takes on the final day of filming.)

To share just a taste of what went into this magical world and tiny train adventure, here is our behind the scenes peek at the making of our “Welcome to Airbnb” video. We hope you enjoy the ride.