Just 25 years ago, Berliners had no choice where they belonged – the wall that divided their city made that decision for them. You were born east or west of the Berlin Wall, and that’s where you stayed. When the wall fell in 1989, suddenly Berliners could see Berlin as you can see it today.

Now that you can belong anywhere, Berlin is yours to explore. Walk freely through the bullet-riddled stone Brandenburg Gate  in the west, and get giddy views over united Berlin atop the Berliner Fernsehturm space-age steel tower in the east.

But look closer: the city once divided is now wide open to ideas. Stark Soviet-style East Berlin apartment buildings have become colorful street-art canvases in artistic Friedrichshain. Rush hour begins at midnight in Kreuzberg, with alt-rock bands and electronica DJs shuttling between shows in legendary West Berlin venues. East Berlin street vendors have turned taste-testing Berlin’s best currywurst into a competitive sport. Bats and artists converging on West Berlin’s Spandau Citadel have transformed its prison bastions into a spooky wildlife preserve and captivating modern art showplace.

How did all this change happen in just 25 years? Berliners have been hard at work transforming their city landscape, one fearless idea at a time. The city attracts free thinkers and creative visionaries, and Airbnb is proud to help support them all .

Berliners report that the income they make as Airbnb hosts allows them to pay the bills, but also pursue the passion projects that give their city its artistic edge. So if you’re looking for inspiration in Berlin, just ask your Airbnb host – 32% of them are designers, artists and creatives themselves. Airbnb guests are supporting Berlin’s citywide transformation too, spending €135.5 in Berlin businesses from east to west.

To all of you who have visited Berlin over the past 25 years: Berlin Airbnb hosts would like to mark this historic occasion with a heartfelt danke schön – thank you for being part of their lives and their city’s incredible reinvention. For those still deciding where to stay and what to do in Berlin, check out Airbnb’s Berlin neighborhood guide. Airbnb’s local experts have provided all the insider Berlin tips you need to plan your getaway.

Now that the Berlin Wall is history, you’ll find doors open to you citywide. Willkommen in Berlin (welcome to Berlin).