We asked you to share what amenities guests appreciate the most, and your responses made us want to book a stay with you! Here’s just a taste of what we’re learning from your creative hospitality. And if you want to get more ideas or share a few of your own, join the conversation in the Community Center.

Local treats can make a great introduction to your community

Part of the thrill of travel is discovering the distinctive flavors, scents, sights, and textures of a destination. These hosts have found that they don’t need to go far to find what will delight their guests the most.

  • I provide a small, regional gift for breakfast, depending on the season (special and rare Fir honey from mountain farmers, cheese from mountain farmers, fresh juice and fruit from farmers a few villages away.—Claudia, Black Forest, Germany
  • I am in Portland, OR, so I want guests to have that Portland vibe in all aspects of the guest experience. That is what Airbnb is all about! Not only did I decorate my place mid-century modern, but I provide local craft brews, flowers from my garden, lots of books on the city, local organic snack bars and the Oregonian newspaper arrives each day. I buy local magazines as well. Good Portland coffee is crucial and half and half as well. —Lisa, Portland, OR

Sometimes, practical is best

From sunscreen in Sydney, to ear plugs in Piccadilly Circus, practical amenities can make the difference between a great trip and an unexpectedly frustrating one. You save the day with first aid kits, computer adaptors, hair dryers, and more.

  • A very basic thing that’s a hit: the old wagon with cushions for pushing toddlers around in.—Chantal, Dinan, France
  • Beach kit:. chairs, umbrella, sarong, paddle ball, ice chest, cards, children’s toys and football
  • Mosquito kit: repellent, citronella candles, repellents and insecticides—Danielle, Rio, Brazil
  • In my apartment building there is a minimarket on the first floor, with a delivery service. For many of my guests it’s a big help, not having to go far to buy milk or fruit or any other needs that may arise; so my guests told me it has been a great advantage.—Fernando, Bogota Colombia

Guests often find unusual amenities irresistible

Unique amenities can make a guest’s stay memorable. You told us that guests are raving about your heated bathroom floors, massage chairs, and friendly pets. And those are just the beginning:

  • Since last April I started a book exchange with my guests. Basically I give every guest a book in English, French or German, as a gift, whether they give me back a book too or not. This allowed me to create a small library available to future guests.—Giorgio, Palermo, Italy
  • 90% of the guests to the treehouse use the floating/swinging bed. They could use a regular loft bed, but they don’t.—Mike, Bend, OR
  • This is not strictly speaking an amenity, but the walls of the house! [As] a painter and sculptor, I have friends’ paintings and sculptures everywhere. When guests start to look, I offer a tour of the house telling stories of the art or of their creators. It often ends with a drink or a cup on the terrace. Blandine, Le Mans, France

Simple kindness can be an amenity, too

When you express your personality through little acts of thoughtfulness, you can make a big impact. And we think that’s a special amenity, indeed. Oh, and Carolina in Barcelona—your homemade baked treats sound amazing! No wonder your guests love them.

  • One of the things guests like is a card with a personalized message. I use a card made by young designers whose theme is my city, Sao Paulo.—Priscilla + Gabriel, Sao Paulo, Brazil                          
  • All my guests love the balcony and coffee machine available to them—even the little welcome made ​​of water, candies and cookies is much appreciated.—Francesco, Florence, Italy
  • I provide comfy white terry cloth robes. The guests use it when they use the spa or just to relax in.—Linda, La Quinta, CA

The creativity and generosity of this host community is inspiring. Even if your space is simple and modest, you create one-of-a-kind experiences that welcome the world to your town. Here’s how one host put it best:  “I do not offer you luxury, I offer you the chance to live the same experience offered me by my neighborhood and the city.” —Carolina Barcelona, Spain