“It’s far too easy to achieve something you know you can do. If you set the bar high, it forces you to see how far you can push. And it’s only at this point that you realize how far you can go.” Simon Wheatcroft, blind ultramarathoner & Airbnb guest

A few weeks ago, we put out a call to our community looking for people to help host Simon along his route from Boston to New York. His goal was not only to run in the New York Marathon–something he’d dreamed of for years–but to run over 250 miles from Boston to NYC before the race, connecting with local people, and experiencing the local communities along the way. It was an amazing goal he had made for himself. And when we heard his story, we wanted to help share that dream and make it a reality.

What amazed us even more is the way the Airbnb community came together to host Simon. We weren’t sure what to expect, but once we put out the call, we had over 50 local people offer to open their doors for Simon. From that number, we gathered 15 local hosts along his route. And beyond those hosts, over 120 people came out to support Simon and cheer him along the way. We saw countless more voices from far and wide lending their words of encouragement to Simon online. It was incredible to see our community come together like this. And even more inspiring to see Simon’s dream become his accomplishment.

“Running started as something I could do alone,” Simon explained to us. “Now I seem to enjoy running with others more. So perhaps that independence is gone, but I’ve discovered something even better–and that’s other people to run with and share my time with.”

Thank you to all of you who helped us share Simon’s amazing dream. And thanks to Simon for letting us be a part of the journey.