With soccer’s biggest event rapidly approaching, dreams of Brazilian travel have been kicking around the office a lot at Airbnb. The Brazil accommodation options on Airbnb are as diverse as the country is large, ranging from laid-back beach retreats, high design apartments, rooms with iconic Copacabana views, to Amazonian escapes, with hosts that offer superb Brazilian hospitality (and sometimes unique experiences).


With soccer on our minds, we were head-over-heels when we found out about a recent addition to Airbnb in Rio de Janeiro. If soccer’s your sport, this new listing should score some points with you too.

None other than Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho has listed his recently finished—and luxurious—Rio de Janeiro house on Airbnb for the first half of July 2014. At US$15,000 a night, this will undoubtedly remain in the realm of fantasy for most fans. (But if you could split the cost eight ways—perhaps with the rest of your soccer team—maybe, just maybe…) A quick tour around Ronaldinho’s house reveals that he has a truly impressive closet, plenty of drums at the ready in case a party breaks out, and great taste in chairs and coffee tables.


 Ronaldinho’s groovy table


The master suite


A pool that might just make you forget all about those soccer games

See more of Ronaldinho’s house

Rio design(eiro)

Never fear—great taste in design in Rio isn’t isolated to the homes of the country’s biggest sports stars, and you don’t have to break the bank to find stylish stays. A good place to start is our Best of Rio wishlist, which includes a selection of beautiful spaces from great hosts.


What a view from Patricia’s Leblon-Vidigal Sea, Sun & Soul house

For local Rio tips, we checked in with local host Fabio, who has been keeping busy gearing up for some busy days in Rio. Fabio has a few key tips for visitors, including some favorite beach escapes for locals.


Fabio shows off the best of his home town

The Gaudi of Florianópolis

Creative design can be found all throughout Brazil. Artist, host, and Florianópolis resident Jaime has been wowing Airbnb guests for years with his stunning one-of-a-kind homes built from recycled materials.


“In 1995 the hill on the access road to Praia Brava caught my attention and I decided to settle there for my studio arts, and eventually saw that the characteristics of the terrain offered a new challenge to create,” says Jaime. “I began to create and build intuitively with material considered by others to be garbage… glasses, demolition wood, remains of pottery, bottles, etc. All the houses were designed with the same ecological awareness.”


“All it takes to reuse is to let our imaginations fly and have the courage to create.”


 More Brazilian beauties


The clever reuse of bottles continues at the glorious outdoor pool of Caso no Alto da Boa Vista in Rio de Janeiro


Indoor space mixes with outdoor space at this artsy Ipanema flat


Swiss chalet? No, it’s Luciano’s beautiful A-frame in Campos do Jordão  


It doesn’t get much better than this Rio view—Rosana’s Leblon apartment 


Private house in Florianópolis—clean design, great value

And if you’re still looking for more, take a look through Airbnb traveler Camilla’s curated “Brazil Bonito” wishlist with a wide selection of lovely listings across the country.