Do you ever feel as though modern life can be isolating and intimidating? You’re not alone.

Meet Javier E.


As part of our Airbnb Volunteer Day, a crew gathered in New York to help clean up Central Park.
Javier was one of the volunteers. He came over from Brooklyn to participate.


Javier recently moved to New York from the Dominican Republic. Since coming to the USA, he has felt isolated and lonely because American society operates fundamentally differently from how his networks operated in the DR.


Back in the Dominican Republic, you rarely move away from the people you grew up with. This results in life-long friendships. You grow old with your schoolmates, and you share so many life experiences.


New York was a shock for Javier. In such a transitional society, he felt as though these lasting connections were harder to make. That’s one of the reasons he turned to Airbnb.


Once he listed his space on Airbnb, Javier began meeting people from all over the world. He says that now he has a community of global friends. Every time a guest stays with Javier, he feels as though he’s made a new friend and created a genuine connection.


Javier came to Volunteer Day NYC to give something back not only to his new city, but also to the company that has made him feel like he has a new family even though he’s far from home.


We couldn’t be more proud and humbled.


We pride ourselves on creating connections every day. It’s what we’re really about.


What connections will you create?


(In case you’re curious, Javier is the guy on the left in the front row.)