With Airbnb, hosts and travelers are sharing one-of-a-kind experiences. And if you’ve traveled through Airbnb, you probably know first-hand that the richness of these experiences is quite different from the feeling you have buying a hairdryer online. Product reviews are easy to write honestly, but nobody expects their hairdryer review to have an immediate impact. However, on Airbnb, reviews are more than a shopping guide, they provide concrete guidance that hosts and guests can use to improve, the next time they host or travel.

Our community is built on a great deal of trust—trust that makes hosts feel comfortable allowing travelers to stay in their home, and trust that helps travelers feel like they belong anywhere. The foundation of that trust is our review system, so we want to make it just as easy for people to share honest reviews about the experiences they have using Airbnb, as it is when they review a product. Our community benefits from honest reviews that help them make informed booking decisions.

To help build this trust, and to help our community share and receive honest feedback, we’re making a couple meaningful changes to how Airbnb reviews work.

Both hosts and guests may worry that if they leave an honest review that includes praise and criticism, they might receive an unfairly critical review in response. To address this concern, reviews will be revealed to hosts and guests simultaneously. Starting today, hosts and their guests will only see reviews they receive from a completed trip after both participants have completed their assessment of the experience. We want to make it more comfortable for everyone in our community to provide honest, accurate feedback, and help increase confidence in the reviews they see on listing and profile pages.

And since 90% of hosts and guests who leave a review submit one within two weeks, we’re shortening the review period to 14 days, so that all of the feedback people provide is based on a recent impression. At the end of the 14-day review period, if only the host or the guest has left a review from a completed trip, we’ll make that review public to both the recipient and the community.

Additionally, we want to make it easier for guests to leave private feedback for their hosts. We’ll prompt every guest to share one thing they loved about their stay and one thing they’d encourage the host to improve. We won’t make this feedback public—it’s just for the host, and they’ll receive it when they see their public review.

Because the experiences people share through Airbnb are inherently personal and authentic, our review system needs to be equally transparent, detailed and genuine. Hosts and guests receive their most meaningful feedback in the reviews they receive.

Honest reviews are also important to our community because they will help the most extraordinary hosts stand out. These hosts work hard to go above and beyond for their guests, and they want to make sure their reviews reflect all the passion they bring to hosting. The guests who are looking for these amazing hosts can only find their listings if their reviews help them stand out from the pack. Similarly, honest guest reviews are incredibly important for the hosts in our community, who may rely on the recommendations of fellow hosts, when deciding to welcome a traveler into their home.

These changes to how reviews work are only the beginning. We believe members of the  Airbnb community want to ensure that their profile is an accurate representation of the way they approach hosting and traveling. We are committed to finding new, personalized ways to help our community share honest feedback and trust. We want everyone who hosts or travels to feel like they have helpful information to make decisions, and improve for future journeys.