Since the Community Center’s November launch, we’ve been listening to your feedback, insight and ideas, and figuring out the best way to use it all to turn the Community Center into a better, easier to use platform for you to talk to other hosts. The result is a little makeover—your Community Center 2.0, if you will.

So what’s new?

Updated design and new features

As part of the Community Center refresh, we’re launching some brand new features to help support the ways you browse, share, and discover the info you care about most:

  • Revamped rooms: You gave us a lot of feedback about discussion rooms, and we’ve updated them to better fit the categories you asked for. We’re keeping the number of “rooms” low, but encourage you to get more specific with by adding topic tags to your posts.
  • Tags: Add topic tags to your conversations to help people find and follow them—we’ll show trending topics on the Community Center homepage. You can also follow a topic to get updates whenever new content is posted.
  • Top Contributors: We’re so lucky to have a vibrant and active community of hosts, and we want to make sure your amazing contributions to the community get recognized—that’s why you’ll see a new Top Contributors section of the homepage. New to hosting? Use this section to find a community expert.
  • Direct messaging: Need to ask another host a private question? You can now direct message other community members right from the Community Center.

More from Airbnb

You’ll see more info and updates from Airbnb in the Community Center. Look out for blog posts (like this one!), webinars, and videos from our team.

Host-organized Meetups

Whether you want to get to know hosts and guests in your home city, or you’re looking to meet other people who use Airbnb while you travel, hosts can now organize and join Airbnb Meetups around the world.

With these updates, we’re also expanding to 18 new cities, and launching the Community Center in Korean, Dutch, and Japanese. 환영합니다! Welkom! ようこそ!

We hope you’ll visit the Community Center and let us know what you think!