We have been presented with an amazing opportunity to create an original documentary travel series featuring our very own Airbnb community members!

The series will showcase the most interesting people, places, and experiences that are taking place all over the world.

So… please help us tell the best stories by sharing yours!

Do note that you will need to be comfortable in front of a camera, and that our small unobtrusive (and fun!) production crew will be following you around for a couple of days.

Please see below for details on what we’re looking for, and send any and all stories or inquiries to your community manager or to documentary@airbnb.com. Video submissions are strongly encouraged!

What types of stories are we looking for?

We are looking for all types of transformational and/or inspiring stories. They don’t have to be Airbnb specific, but all stories should have a travel and/or hosting experience component.

We want to find the most interesting, riveting, heart-wrenching, entertaining, inspiring, transformational, weird, funny, elaborate, magical stories out there!

And please don’t hold back—there are no censors on our end. The more honest and real and raw these stories are, the better.

For example, maybe it was your first time traveling abroad, and your host provided you with a life changing experience that you never knew was possible.

Or maybe you did something that was dangerous, or absolutely terrified you while traveling,

Or maybe you own a unique listing that has an amazing history behind it…

Why are you making the series now?

Five years ago, Airbnb helped revolutionize the way we travel by giving the world an online platform with access to the most interesting people and interesting places all around the world.

Now it’s time to document the amazing experiences that have come out of this platform and show the world who our community members are!

Can’t think of a great story to share?

Well, here are some questions to get you thinking:

  • Have you unexpectedly fallen in love with a city or state or country or a person?
  • What is the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?
  • Has there been a dangerous situation that you’ve encountered while traveling?
  • Have you met someone, or had an experience while traveling or hosting, that changed your life completely?
  • What has your journey been like while using Airbnb? And what about the destinations?!
  • Have you met people that you never expected could teach you something new about yourself? If so, who are they and what did they teach you?
  • In what ways have traveling, meeting new people, seeing new places, and experiencing new things affected your life? Are you more open minded? Did you make a huge career change?

I don’t know if my story is good enough…

We bet it is! Send it along even if you aren’t sure.

Inspire me, please?

Ok. It’s time to document this travel revolution and show how opening your door to a complete stranger can change the world for the better!

By telling your stories to a large global audience in a documentary style format, we hope to inspire people to travel more, to experience different cultures, and to view the world from a fresh perspective.

We need your stories in order to do this! And please remember, this is not a commercial, but a documentary travel series.

Thank you so much for considering our request and we’re really looking forward to hearing back from you!

Please send any and all stories or inquiries to your community manager or to documentary@airbnb.com. Video submissions are also highly encouraged!