When you welcome a traveller into your home, you’re not just providing a place to stay. You’re helping create a new chapter in the lives of your guests.

At last year’s global host gathering, Airbnb Open, we introduced the Airbnb Community Center, a community-driven platform to capture your stories. We asked hosts attending Airbnb Open from around the world to submit their most unique, inspirational and unbelieveable Airbnb hosting experiences. The best of these stories would be awarded over $25,000 in prize money.

The response was truly astounding. Hosts from 25 countries contributed stories that went far beyond hospitality and got to the heart of what makes Airbnb so special – humanity.

Ultimately, three submissions rose to the top and were selected for their originality, creativity and, ultimately, for the way they demonstrated the positive social impact of Airbnb Hosts in their neighborhoods and communities.


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Chad and Hunter used Airbnb to fund their work with global non-profit organizations – sharing their home to truly make the world a better place

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Stephen opened his home not just to his guests, but to their guests as well – welcoming over 30 people to a last-minute wedding celebration.

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Megumi used Airbnb to turn an abandoned 120 year old home into a place built on  community and sustainability, all while working as a single mother to support her young daughter.



Stories like this happen every day on Airbnb, and it’s hosts like you who make it all possible. Please continue to share your experiences with us on the Airbnb Community Center.

Congratulations to each of our winners. And thank you for helping us creating a world where travellers can belong anywhere.