Check-in made simple

中文 — Deutsch — Español — Français — Italiano — 日本語 — 한국어 — Português — ру́сский — Nederlands “I’ve arrived but don’t see your door; do I have the right address?” “Sorry, I forgot your keypad code. Can you text me?” As a host, you’ve probably received last minute emails just like these. Check-in is one of the most common points of confusion for guests and can cause unnecessary extra work for hosts, too. That’s about to change thanks to a new tool rolling out from now until the end of August that lets you add step-by-step check-in instructions using the Airbnb mobile app. We’ll automatically share your instructions with confirmed guests three days before they arrive, and they’ll be able to access them on the Airbnb app throughout their trip, even without a data plan on their phone. That means you can answer those commonly asked questions once, then … Continue reading Check-in made simple